SHAKING THE TAIL FEATHER – Sept 14 – Oct 6 2002

Gina Glover & Mary Hooper – Digitally layered photographic images printed on cotton satin, 1.5 metres x 2 metres.

Shaking the Tail Feather was a residency and exhibition that explored the relationship between dress and animal and insect life. The work used as source material the unique collection of the costume and natural history collections of Bexhill’s Museums.

The exhibition made visual connections between the intimate and the subliminal characteristics of costume in its form and decoration with those of animals, insects and birds. The artists used the collection at Bexhill Museum of Costume and Social History as the main source of inspiration, coupled with the Natural History collection at the museum of Local History in Egerton Park. This was the first exhibition of its kind linking the two collections thematically through the work of artists.

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